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Interior Design Ideas - 5 Creative Ways to Display Art


Interior Design Ideas - 5 Creative Ways to Display Art

Written By: Edwin Mah
Date: 08/04/2015

You've finally bought your favorite art piece but don't really have a clue as to where and how to display them? Read on and gain some tips on how you can creatively display your art.

Leaning art on the wall

The wall isn't the only place where you can display art. You can simply place the picture on the floor and lean it on the wall or furniture. Try placing two art pieces of different sizes, one leaning over the other, partially covering the other one but still leaving most of the art visible.

Placing art on a shelf or gallery ledge

You can mount a gallery ledge on the wall and place pictures across the entire length of it. Randomize the arrangement of pictures by having some of them slightly overlap each other. Use pictures of different sizes and put the smaller sized pictures in front. This can also apply to placing pictures on the shelf above the fireplace.

Use creative hanging apparatus

Instead of mounting your art directly onto to the wall, use a hanging apparatus to hang your art. This can be done by mounting a horizontal bar against the wall close to the ceiling. Support your picture with 2 ropes. Tie one end of the rope to each corner of the picture and knot the other end around the horizontal bar. You can hang 2 or 3 pictures next to each other this way to make it look like a contemporary art gallery installation. Displaying art this way saves your wall from unsightly holes drilled into them.


Use ribbons to suspend art

Use 2 or 3 ribbons with thick widths running down half to three quarters the length of the wall. Attach one or two pictures one above the other to the ribbons and just let it hang. Suspending pictures from ribbons this way adds a unique touch to your home decor. Use ribbons with complimentary themes, like floral motifs. If you want to display art this way, use pictures that are light in weight so that they can be supported by the ribbons.

Another creative way of using ribbons to suspend your art is to use one ribbon for each picture. Fix one end of the ribbon at some point on the wall near the ceiling and loop the other end through both corners at the top of the picture. Then tie the remaining end of the ribbon back onto the main length of the ribbon. Adjust the ribbon so that the portion supporting the picture looks like a triangle shaped hanger. Just let the picture suspend against the wall like that. Make sure also, that the strength of the ribbon can support the weight of the picture.

Keep it all level

If you're aligning a series of pictures on the wall, draw an imaginary line across the wall to use as a guide. Use a small leveling gauge to check that the pictures are level once they are hung.
To avoid the pictures from tilting to one side, stick some double sided tape or adhesive clay to the side corners to secure it to the wall.



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