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How to Pick Your Canvas Art


How to Pick Your Canvas Art

Written By: Andre DeNito
Date: 08/04/2015

Looking at getting some canvas art? For the home and the office, this article should give you some ideas about what to buy so you get exactly what you want.

(Adding colour with art and textiles can completly change a room)

As with anything for your interior, getting the right piece of art to represent your personality is key, however, always keep in mind the personality of the room. Get it right and you'll have a stunning focal point for any room. Get it wrong and the perfect room, won't be so perfect.

This article will focus on the 3 key areas to look at when choosing your canvas.

    • Style and Subject

    • Size and Style

    • Colour


As much as you want to pick whatever interests you, be careful, you need to think about the feel of the space. Organic food pictures are best suited to kitchens, and not bed rooms.

(2.5m high Canvas uses all avaliable space in this office)

If you've allready got a theme, stick to it, don't contradict an interior space. Matching works well, for example, if you've got bright colours and a funky side, why not considerRetro

Do you entertain often? your living room would work well with a focal point piece, and the more interesting the better. WHoArtNow have hundreds of interesting and bold canvas designs in our gallary (all of which can be customised to suit your interio) For something different, why not consider a photo to canvas. A focal point where your the artist, gives you a little more to talk about!

Size and Shape:

Next to consider is the size and shape of your canvas. As you'd assume, canvas's come in all shapes and sizes. Sizes available are 10", 16", 24", 32", 36", 48", 60" and 72". However at the current time we only offer upto 36" wide.

(Rectangular canvas work well in long rooms)

So with a minimum of 10"x10" going all the way up to 72"x36" (6ft x 3ft!) there's a large amount of options to choose from. Its not however a good idea to just get the biggest you can afford, buy the most suitable for the space.

As a rule, bigger is best, however, something too big can make a room feel cramped and something to small can look lost and out of place. We'd recommend against hanging a canvas too close to the ceiling, doors or windows, try leaving a gap of 16" - 24" as a boarder around the outside, and try not to hang in alcoves or on narrow walls (unless you plan on a tall, narrow canvas). Aim to hang the center of the canvas at eye level (the middle of the canvas at approximately 5ft6 of the ground to be at the average eye height) however with large pieces that may not be possible.

Got a very large wall but don't want to spend a fortune? We offer a selection of Duo-pic, Tri-pic and quad-pic pieces to cover a larger area for less money. Or how about a canvas in Andy Warhol style pop art for each of your family members all hung at the same level with the same gap,interesting and personal.

The shape of the canvas has a lot to do with personal taste, and if your not sure, a square canvas will be safe for most rooms. However, if you have a long thin room, pick a long thin canvas (ie 60"x16") and hang on the long wall, or a smaller (ie 36"x36") square canvas for the short wall (to help square off the room)

Hanging a canvas above a fireplace is an easy way to transform a room, and as a general rule, picking a canvas in the same proportions works best. For example, if the wall above your fireplace is 3m wide and 1.5m high, going for the same (2:1) ratio will fit, for this a 72"x36" will be a stunning focal point.


When deciding on a colour scheme for a space, don't just pick the first colour you can think of, think about the use of the room, the people who will be using the space, and get some sample paints. All colours have their own energy and personality, so getting the colour right is the key to a successful space. The list of colours below works for the colour you decorate the space, and also works for the colours on any canvas you may be looking at.Try and resist the temptation to paint your favourite colour if it feels wrong for that room, and don't be afraid to ask someone you know for some advice. They may think of something perfect you hadn't considered.


decline of terrace house
(Perfect use of colour in this office space)

Red: one of the warm seductive colours and works well in a room your passionate in.
Ideal for dinning rooms and kitchens, although works well with red as a main colour with something more subtle as a majority colour. Don't be fooled into thinking red will work in your bedroom however,the colour red is notorious for bringing on nightmares so avoid.

Orange: is great for bright rooms such as kitchens. The warm and bold colour helps stimulate the appetite so works best in areas for food preparation and consumption.Its also great for stimulating the mind and helping to focus, so offices and study's should also be considered.

Yellow: like orange is great for kitchens because of the same reasons, and its also good for small crapped downstairs toilets. The bright and bold colour is best as a full on Big Bird yellow rather than a pale yellow as a mood lifter.

Green: is a good natural colour, and a good nature colour.The vibrant colour helps promote well being and healthy lifestyles. It feels warm and helps sooth.Works well in any relaxing room, bedrooms, living spaces and conservatories.

Blue: is the calm and clean colour. Its refreshing and peaceful, but at the same time comes across as a very cold colour. Works well in areas you'd want to be clean, such as the bathroom, but can also work well in the bedroom because you can awaken feeling refreshed and ready to go. Also consider mixing with striking bright white.

Purple: and violet and the glamour colours. Modern and bold purple has seen a massive rise in popularity in the last decade or so. Helping to get you creative, this rich and slightly feminine colour works wonders in rooms to be cosy in, bedrooms, living room or library/studies are perfect for modern living, but can also work with the more rustic residence.

Pink: being the most feminine colour, but men should note, its a luxurious and very romantic colour. Helping to heighten affection and romance can be mixed with the tranquil calming side. ideal for bedrooms, and expressing your feminine side. If your a little scared of the message it will give off men, try mixing with purples or reds to break it up.

White: is the purest of colours (even though its not technically a colour) and works with any colour, Using off whites to compliment colours can help expand the mood, but stop a colour from over powering a room. Works well anywhere, and especially small rooms (to help make them feel larger) and bathrooms for the clean finish.

Black: is one of the 'in' colours for 2008. 80's black on black style conveyed a sleek and modern feel. Done correct, black can be a timeless classic and feels strong. bold and authoritative. Consider this in your hallways and dining room and match with gold bronze accessories.

Brown: is the earth colour. Warm and homely browns calm you down so work well in relaxing rooms such as the bedroom or living room. Consider a feature wall in a chocolate brown, with he remaining walls in a softer brown, caramel for example.

As well as the full colours, there are 2 types on canvas you can get not mentioned above.

Sepia and Black and White: are the ultimate for subtle art, the lack of colour doesn't grab you as much as something bold, but more often than not, the colour drained aged look sepia can make a picture more about the image than the colour. Works well with urban images in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Also works really well in B&W with some small bold colours like red and yellow.

Multicoloured and Pop Art: is the modern look. Bold and bright contrasting colours (ie Andy Warhols' yellow and pink Marilyn Monroe) Retro colours are 'in' at the moment, and so are urban photos with flashes of bright and bold colour. Bright colours show a level of confidence in the owner and are a great conversation starter.

uma pulp
(Sleek black and vibrant pink work well on this cult classic)

The great thing about all this though, is its all down to your personal choice, yes there are some guidelines you can work to, if you like something and feel confident with it, go for it! Experiment with colours, textiles and furniture. If your not happy with a room, how do you expect to relax in it?

If your still stuck for some ideas, check out our early predictions for 2009 interior design trends



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